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Inbase to Launch Urban Fab Smartwatch

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    • 100+ watch faces
    • 4 in-built games
    • IP68 rating and is water-resistant
    • battery life: 7 days with normal and 14 days on standby mode.

    Inbase to Launch Urban Fab Smartwatch

    The watch is very light in weight and comes with 100+ watch faces that keep updating so that the kids can have a new watch face every day. The kids belonging to the mentioned age group are often engrossed with multiple activities and often forget to keep a track on their activities. This watch has been crafted meticulously to meet these daily needs. It comes with 10 alarms to remind them of their daily activities such as waking up early on time, breakfast, time to go to school, homework, playing time, family time, sleeping time, etc. 

    Considering the importance of entertainment and fun in kids’ lives, the smartwatch comes with 4 in-built games namely 2048, Candy Crush, Maze and Fly a Plane. Urban Fab Teen is backed with an IP68 rating and is water-resistant so even with any of those frequent accidental cola/juice spills, their gaming sessions can be continued uninterrupted. 

    The watch also comes with multiple health functions such as heart rate, sleep tracking, walking, and running, etc. so that you can keep a track of your kid’s health without really taking them to the doctor. The watch is built with a splendid battery life; it runs smoothly for 7 days with normal, regular working time and 14 days on standby mode.

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    Model Name Urban Fab Smartwatch
    Brand Color Pink
    Brand Inbase
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    • Inbase to Launch Urban Fab Smartwatch
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